Breakfast Like You Mean It

     I cannot say it enough that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I am also blessed with a family and some friends with whom I share this meal, early birds we all are. 

     Here in Manila there is a good number of breakfast places to enjoy, all serving delicious early meals. One place I love is Cafe 1771 in El Pueblo. Food and good design go hand in hand and make it work here.( for me at least)  Last week, I had brunch with two besty mommy friends,  Cecil and Vilma which extended to lunch time....=-)

Coffee was good! A plus!
My two friends are such die-hard beef tapa people. This is what they order every single time we have breakfast together.
This was my order. Pan de Sal with Longganisa and quesong puti. Yums!
They were selling these which were kinda 'out-of-concept'-ish for the place but heck we almost ought some. hehe!
...because they were just too cute...

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