All our lives, we have been meeting people, meeting friends. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, sounds and smells. Everywhere we go we are introduced to new ones. As children we meet friends in school, at the park, at parties or we even become good friends with other kids in our extended family like cousins. As we grow older the playing field becomes more diverse; work, in-laws, co-parents in school, a seat mate on an airplane or airport terminal or your husband's friend's wives. But somehow the classifications are the same, to me at least. From way back when I was a kid, I have come to know the following kinds of friends. I will save the worst for last...

  • Adorable Friends
There are people whom you just like right away the moment you meet them. Something just clicks... Papeng, Clarissa, Ivy, my cousin Carol, Rose Anne, Tine-Tine, Coni, a new friend....
  • Friends Forever
These are your bestest friends. Friends you can be totally yourself with. You can be a queen bi_ch if you please around them. They love the people you love and they hate the people you hate. Marivic, Pinky, Mimi, Hellen, Vilma, Arla, Ani., Caloy, Paul...
  • Friends you respect
Of course you respect all your good friends but these friends you kinda want to once in a while stand back and look at them and say I am so lucky to be her friend.
  • Ex-Friends
Friends who were your friends but you had a falling out with them and you are no longer friends.
  • Frienemies
These are friends who for some reason you don't really like; be it their face, fashion sense, diction, they are OA or they just make your blood boil but you can't really avoid them since they are part of your close-knit high school class, they are your in-laws or people you need to work with....I am not talking about me when I gave out these examples of course!?

But we are here on this earth to be one with the rest of the population. I totally believe that we are not meant to be alone. We have to cope, we have to accept and be a friend to whoever needs one. We need to learn to be a person, the best one we can be all the time.

I am so lucky to have in my list the most wonderful friends anyone can have, be it my bestest friends, really good friends or friends that simply make me smile. Friends keep me sane. I used to take my friends for granted but somehow as I got older, I began to appreciate them more.

Let us not forget that people do think of us and are grateful too for our friendship.

Any other type of friend I have left out?

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