Pretty Little Things

      Days before Christmas I received this present from my good friend, Peach. It is a notepad. Aside from the fact that I adore the giver, I love it for it says a lot. I mean literally.
      Aren't they sweet? So I keep it on my night table. Thanks, Peach!

     Another pretty little thing I mean things since this came as a pair is a set of little notebooks from another favorite person who happens to my boss and our editor-in-chief at Real Living magazine, Rachelle M. I love the contrast of a sophisticated lady on its cover and the playfulness of the red balloons. I use it as a counter to my early dementia. Yes, to remind me of things.The take the trio below with me wherever I go.

    I got the red notebook on the left which I use for lists, at Fully Booked and my sister, Ava gave me the notepad for writing messages.

   These pretty, little things.... 

Real Living Magazine 

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