Apat na Tulog Nalang (Four Days to Go)

     I just have to write my excitement that in four days my kids will be on summer vacation. Hey, they deserve a break. Yep, from waking up early, homework, traffic, the bullies in school, the horrible food our maid prepares for them to take to school....

     I, myself am weary of school. I have only been taking two subjects at a time per term. This term I've had extremes of professors. One is a favorite of mine, the other just crushes my spirit to the bones. The bone crusher seems to have won and I am just so beat. Hey, mommies are not invincible.

It's about school
     Anyway, I leave you with one of Yellow's artwork. I am so proud of these what do I call it comics...?.. which she patiently makes.


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