Hang in There!

     Kids are like cavemen. There's something about them and the walls of their bedrooms. The little ones just have to do something w their walls. They will either write, glue, Good God!) stick stickers or paint on them. 

     My kids never had that luxury. I wouldn't let them. My parents though can't even see themselves in the full-length mirror in ther walk- in closet. Why? My kids got to unleash their cavemen instincts there with their permission of course. What are grandparents for?

     But now that they are nearing their teens, my walls are no longer pristine as before. Look!

     I admit it looks pretty. But I'm worried about what it is doing to the paint. =-(

     I was thinking cork boards but I found a better idea.

      Now this is prettier. Don't you think so....

     Come back to me, my flawless walls.......(sneaky chuckle)

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