Mary Grace, Never Fails

     When H and I want a good, reasonably priced meal on an ordinary working day, we head to Café Mary Grace. They have a branch in Robinson’s Ermita which is near the office. =-)))

     What started out as an ensaymada business in bazaars is now I must say a café staple in Manila.  They have certainly come a long way from ensaymada. They have salads, pasta, sandwiches, delicious flavored iced teas and of course their wonderful desserts.

     We were at their Trinoma branch last week on a Tuesday as I was doing preps for a shoot. Happy with our meal as usual....

Their yummy iced teas 
Classic Carbonara P 208
Prawn Salad with mango P 275
Mango Bene P 115
Black Velvet P 100
      Mary Grace's ensaymada is a pasalubong favorite or welcome gift to friends but that is not the only thing you take home with you from Mary Grace.....

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