September Day-Off Part 2: Subspace Coffee House

    But we, mommies were not done yet so a noisy, car -ful of us headed to Ortigas Center next. For what? Where? To a K-Pop inspired coffee shop. No kidding! I have been hearing a lot about Subspace and though I am ALWAYS in the area I have never been there. It is owned by two very talented interior designers, Thor Balanon and Wilmer Lopez. Yes, the same owners as Space Encounters.

     H and I went circling the area actually to find the place a few days before but we couldn’t find it. Thanks to my friend Chinggay who gave me more specific directions. Why don’t I ever just call the place??

    The facade is simple and straight-forward which is probably the reason why we kept on missing it. It is on the ground floor of Grand Emerald Tower on F. Ortigas Jr. Ave. which is a Cityland development. If I knew that I would have spotted it right away..But then again because I could have just called...

      I liked what I saw the moment I stepped in! I thought I was in K-Pop/ mid-century modern coffee heaven....Haha!

     After scanning the place and my friends and I realized we were the ‘older’ ones there. Thirty something is getting old nowadays. Snort!

     Clearing my throat...It is our first time here. What is good to order? The sweet short-haired girl said the purple potato latte. That is what Chinggay told me to order. Okay, I am having that. Vilma and Hellen had hot choco and Cecil had a Korean soda.

     We were so happy to sit near Neil Armstrong....For awile I was saying Steve Armstrong in my head. Naaah, Steve Armstrong is the handsome cartoon leader of Voltes V. =-))))

     The guy kept looking at us....

I loved the purple potato latte.                          
 It is my new fave coffee drink. =-)))))

     The place was so conducive for hanging out and we could not stop talking about the interesting vintage pieces around us. Hey, my grandfather had this or we had a gate similar to that. Friends, great coffee and nostalgia are always perfect buddies.

     We wanted to see more stuff so we decided to head over to Space Encounters which is a building or so away.

     Before heading out of Subspace we saw an elderly Korean couple come in and sit on the first set of chairs by the entrance.....

     Yahoooo! Told ya we, mommies were so rocking this place too. =-)))))))


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