Rad, Rad Radison Blu

     Every year, my mom and I attend the Christmas party of our clinic branch in Cebu. I really look forward to this because I get to spend one-on-one time with my mom which is rare. 

     This year was more fun because we stayed at the Radison Blu, one of the newest hotels in Cebu. We did not want to leave. The hotel is a vacation in itself.

     The design of the lobby is modern Filipino. I really appreciate the details in rattan and bamboo here and there. 

      But is is our room that we loved the most. Look!

     We had a bath and a half.

     The walk-in closet...

      Our suite had an office. Too bad I did not bring work to do...=-(

      I loved the coffee pods machine. H has one at home so I was glad they had a Nespresso one there. Good coffee is a must!

      The first thing we did was to try the lunch buffet for P800. What a steal and I was stuffed to my ears. The food was yums. But the breakfast buffet was utter madness. haha! SaraaaaP!

     If my kids were here they would have gone crazy over the pizza....

      This was my side of the bed and I loved this iPod duct/ alarm clock....I am so getting myself one...hehe!

     The last time I was this excited about a hotel stay was my kids' first visit to Disneyland and we stayed at the Hyatt in  Orange County. =-)Yep, I wanted to jump and scream like they did.

     My mom and I are looking forward to staying at the Radison Blu again in Cebu, one of the best hotels I have stayed in.

     Oh, and right next door to the Radison Blu is Starbucks and Sunburst Fried Chicken. I mean come on!!! =-)))

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Coni Tejada said...

i really like the lobby, too. Nice. Here's to wishing for more modern filipino lobbies! :-P