Davao, You Made Me Fat Again!

       When I think of Davao, I think about two things. I think about my mom who grew up there and I think of eating. Yes, eating because Davao people know their food and know it well. The city is peppered with restaurants and other eating places and fruit stands. I occasionally need to go to Davao for work and I always look forward to it....to eat.

     Around two weeks ago, I was there to attend the wedding of my niece, Suher. It was our second day there (we were staying four days.) and it was so pleasant to be greeted by a pretty morning sky from my window. I just had to take an Instagram shot and share it on facebook. (Yep, I am one of those people. - Haha!) Minutes later I got a message from my cooking teacher. (I like calling her that and no I cannot name her but she is one of the most popular chefs and food writers in Manila) about places to try in Davao. I got excited because I have never tried any,.... Next problem: How to manipulate my mom and dad, not to mention an older cousin (Ate Poten) with whom I was traveling to go there. Well it was easy, one word PAELLA and we were on the next cab to Tiny Kitchen.!
Pretty plates hung on the walls.

     Paella is the specialty of Tiny Kitchen. My teacher is a good friend of the owner's.I introduced myself to the owner, Donna Rodriguez the moment we stepped in. ( Eeee....feeling close) It was a crazy day at the restaurant. They had just moved to a bigger location on Torres Street and things were busier than ever. We had to wait 20 minutes to be seated.

      My dad (in the striped shirt) while waiting for our table. he is usually not so patient....Sorry, pop nauna si April Boy Jr. (boy in green shirt. Sorry, dad April Boy Jr. was first.)

     Waiting gave me a chance to look around. Painted in bright yellow and white, the restaurant is cheery and welcoming. According to my teacher, Donna is actually the baker and her husband is the one behind the dishes served here.



     When we were finally seated we had their refreshing iced tea.....

      No menu. You have to look at the menu board.  I do not know if this is how it will be or they will eventually have a book-type menu soon.But hey, I am not complaining- go paperless-ness!

     Our paella arrives. We ordered the Paella Valenciana. I must say it is one the best I have had. Look!

     The Maya-Maya Basque.

     and the callos.

     We all enjoyed the paella very much. I heard their pastas and sandwiches are a must-try too. Next time.

     But the following pic sealed the deal for me.....

A hook in the ladies for our bags.

          We so wanted to try the desserts here but my patient dad wanted to move on to the next food destination, Cecil's . Will take home something from here. Again, next time.


      After a short taxi ride, we were at Cecil's. Cecil's is like an institution in Davao as the Aristocrat is in Manila. It is a bakeshop and restaurant in one as well.

           We ordered a triad of sweets; the bibingka, leche flan and the durian cake. I am no durian eater but this cake easily won my heart. Ang sarap! (So yummy!) Their cheese roll is also divine. My Ate Poten and I ordered stuff to bring home.


     This was the durian cake sliced.

     Of course I gained two pounds after Davao! (Sigh) 
The price you pay for gluttony! 
Oh, well, till my next food discovery.......Burp!

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