To The Bloody Loo!

Please do not read if you are eating.

     You can say I am very particular about toilets. I would endure stomach pain and extreme discomfort(as far and as much as I can help it) than pee in a dirty toilet. My mom has an anecdotal story about this. Once when I was around four years old while visiting a friend of hers here in Manila, I gave out a squeal when I saw that their bathroom had no tiles. My mom was so embarrassed. The next time we visited --- tada the bathroom was clean and tiled..... Ang arte ko ba? They have me to thank for their toilet upgrade. :-)

     May family and I were traveling around Europe recently and were so lucky all the toilets were okay. Not all were squeaky clean and in some cases when in doubt, again I endured it and waited.

     In Manila, I am thankful the pay toilets in the malls. You pay P10 or around a quarter. In Europe I did not mind paying €1 for this. This is in Amsterdam. 

She looks happy and relieved!
Drop your coins here to get in.
      There is a polar bear in my cubicle.....

     Nice and clean!

     I feel like, like I am in Sea World. =-)

     The sinks were great too.

     Pleasant surprise, each cubicle is of a different theme!

     And you get your money back when you buy something in their store. Actually you get to pee (and do other things) for free... Look at how cute their stuff are!

I want those bags!

     In the mall at the Louvre in Paris (Sorry I don't know whet it's called.) they charge €1.50 also consumable. I don't mind paying either....

     Look at the colorful and fun rolls of toilet paper! It'll throw you back around €5 or more. Aaaaaah! Okay, let me just do my thing and go....


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