Get The Look of a Designer Kitchen

The challenge- 
A designer kitchen without the a designer price tag

     Doable? Any designer will tell you. Yes!

     It meant more work, more careful and meticulous inspection and sound and shrewd decisions. 

     But doable! 

     I promise to update this post as soon as I find the before pics but for now just imagine the old kitchen; chunky tiled counters of substandard height, low ceiling with not enough storage space. That is to say the least.

     Started with a pin board... 


Work in progress....

 And voila!

The wall that was the exterior of the house was treated with a big picture window and shows a view of the garden.

The glass doors hold her china.

     More than anything I am gladly sharing this post because this project was a joy to do. My client knew exactly what she wanted and I simply acted as the design police. Once again proves my point that the best projects are those where clients completely trust their architect and vice versa with both parties working together (This is a lie the best projects are those where the clients gives his architect free rein. Haha!)...So this falls unde the second best projects. haha!.... And  I really love doing kitchens. =-)

    The cost? Less than half of a designer kitchen! =-)Not bad!

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