PARTY ON! A Birthday Fiesta

     There was a time H and I used to host a party. luncheon or dinner in our home almost every month;  family, my kids' pre-school class, friends. There was always something, some reason to get together about. That was then when my kids were ye high and I was a stay-at-home mom. Right now things are so much different, how on earth do we never have the time anymore? For starters,  the kids are in school the whole day, traffic is worse, I am working full-time and I have less devoted helps. 

     It was Yellow's 13th birthday recently, I just had to snap at the chance to throw her a little party the way I love doing it. It definitely felt like old times with the after party trimming of leftover red velvet cupcakes and buntings that stayed hung for the next two weeks. 

    Sometimes, things we think are no longer there are really just there. We just somehow stuffed them in invisible boxes....

     Grabbing part of a bible verse....as for me and my house...WE SHALL PARTY ON!

     So here are my simple takes on Mexican party..... It was a lot of fun!

Red Velvet pinata themed cupckaes

Mustache sticks and my most colorful table linen...

Straw hats with ball trimmings

Beefy nachos
The Mexican and his nieta

Taco bar!
and some very happy psuedo Mexicans.....


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