Days Like This

I never thought I would get hooked on using a computer. I used to be a Waldorf parent, Being a Waldorf parents meant going all- natural and unplugged. ( No TV, internet, etc) Up to now I still don't let my kids (They are now 8 and 6) watch TV everyday. Sometimes weeks pass without any TV for them at all. Since I have been on the computer a lot lately, I have heard them tell me things like, "Mom, you are beginning to develop a very bad computer habit.". But I am enjoying myself. First I was inspired by a dear friend's blog site. I then got hooked on Facebook. Now I am starting a blog. I am excited.

I have been having a not so good week. Have you ever been the subject of some very bad gossip which is not even true? I am in that situation now and I want to cry. Maybe this is what this blog is for today---a virtual/ cyber good cry.....Wow, I am feeling better already. I believe it must be the writing which I have not done for so long that's a good perk. I have always enjoyed writing. I don't know to which direction this blog will go but definitely it will say a lot about me,...I need this...

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