Beginning to Look a lot Like.....


 Just a day ago, I was thinking that I was not feeling so Christmasy this year. Anyway, my husband, Mr. BB and I began to do a little Christmas shopping yesterday and I guess it got me into the Christmas spirit...a bit. I am not saying this in a negative way. I think since I am really busy with work and have lots to finish before Christmas, I am not completely free to just let go and enjoy the season as much as I want to.
But my kids are already giddy over their possible loots and I am not so giddy over what they are asking from Santa. My husband, Mr. BB and I have already reserved two cockatiels from this sweet girl, Melly Wong who breeds them to give to the kids. But the gifts they are asking from Santa are expensive. So I mailed their letters to Santa the other day. I told them that Santa appeared on CNN and was complaining that some kids are asking for very expensive gifts this year; tooo expensive that he might not have enough a budget to make toys for other kids. Yeah right! Of course my daughter Yellow believed me at once and my son Blue DID NOT. Anyway, after so much debate; Santa never appears on TV, Santa never runs out of budget they decided to take action. They began calling their other suppliers; my parents and brother... AND they sealed their deals! Ha. ha! Smart resourceful kids of mine, smart mommy me.
So, despite of my deadlines and work load during this holiday season, I have already saved a few thousand of pesos. Yey! I can buy the Fino bag I have always wanted to buy! JOKE! Hubby, Mr BB will buy that.
Okay, I guess I am already feeling a lot like Christmas!

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