Bye, Bye Birdie! Hello Birdies!

"Lolo Boy, saan ka pupunta?" " Gaby, kumain ka na?" " Get, get out!" " Upo, Upo!" These are only some of the many mini sentences our pet, myna bird in Palawan had learned to say over the last ten years. I say HAD because I learned from my husband who flew there this morning that our beloved bird had passed on last Sunday. Of course, I just had to shed a tear or twenty. My thoughts race back to the original owner of this bird, Daddy, my late father-in-law. Daddy had passed away four years ago and left his pets to our care. My husband and I were only too happy to take care of them; 1 myna bird, three dogs, chickens and geese. Now with the myna bird, we called it Kiao gone I feel Daddy is even more gone. Somehow the presence of his pets have kept him somehow 'here". It is such a coincidence that the day before Kiao died, my husband and I just bought two lovely cockatiels for our kids for Christmas. Could it be providential? Maybe. Maybe it was really time for Kiao to go...He was done here. I am gonna miss Kiao...I still miss Daddy... Welcome, Acrobat and Rug-b, our new pet cockatiels!

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