Better Cry Now, Than Cry Later

Today I left the office early and fetched my two kids from school. It's the middle of exam marathon week and I just though of treating my kids for some down time, my style. Our deal included lunch and new books for each of them from Fully Booked. It was a good plan.
Since Christmas break is just around the corner, my kids were starting to collect little presents from their classmates. My daughter, Yellow was so excited over a small bottle of "kisses", tapioca looking stuff that grow, give birth etc. It is like the modern day grass head. Remember those? Anyway, I reminded her not to take anything to the restaurant with her. Of course she did not obey me. I am really hoping that this rebellious stage of my kids is just that, a stage. So we had a good lunch and went for doughnuts after. Happy and content, we boarded our car for home. Guess what happened next? Yep, my daughter left her bottle of kisses in the restaurant. As expected, she wanted us to turn around and go back to the restaurant. For a moment, I agreed but then I realized hmmm, this is my break. I decided not to go back for the kisses. I was hoping she will learn her lesson this time. You can imagine the scene in my car. Yellow was more red than yellow. She then asked if she can call her Dad, who is out of town. It was during the phone conversation that the tears and screaming came.... But my husband was one with me on this. We did not go back and I am hoping that she did learn her lesson, even just the 101 of it.
During this "stage' of rebellion, I find myself almost desperate for my kids to just 'get it'. We still have a long stretch to go.
I read a saying today, 'Better cry now than later' from a magazine I was browsing at the bookstore. I want my kids to learn as much as I can teach them, while I am here. I want to prepare them, educate them and correct them.
So I am willing to make them cry to learn even when it hurts me too.
I was thinking of going back to the restaurant tomorrow to find the 'kisses' but I would rather not. So for now, we shall cry...And hope she does get it somehow.

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