2008 is the Gift Basket Year

I love giving presents! I think I love giving presents more than receiving them. I began my career in gift giving when I was around twelve. My then best friend from school, her name is Madonna was my tutor. She would save money from her allowance and blow it all in buying gifts for her family come Christmastime. What a wonderful idea! Okay, I want to be sweet like her. At first I was an awkward gift giver. My parents would laugh at my gifts of vinyl table cloth, melaware bowls and plastic coasters. Horrendous! As I got older though and a little richee-er, I became better and better at it. What I particularly love though is gift wrapping.
This year, I want to really go a step further and give even more special gifts, more personalized! This year I am giving themed gift baskets.
For starters, I gave my niece, Ella who turned four a 'Good Night, Ella!' basket. It is filled with all she needs for a good night's sleep:
- Pj's
- 2 bedtime books (one written by my daughter, Yellow)
- milk and cookies
-stuffed animal
She loved it, even my sister-in-law, Christine (Ella's mommy) was thrilled! That is what I love about gift-giving!
More of my gift basket chronicles next time.

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