How do I organize our family reunions?

I don't know how it happened but I have somehow become the official family reunion organizer for my Dad's side of the family. We are not a very big clan. We are maybe around 60 to 70, kids and babies included, spanning three generations. We usually have a bi-monthly birthday celebration for whoever is celebrating their natal days on the months involved. So how do I start?

1. First have have a text brigade. In the Philippines texting or sending messages via SMS rules. So make a text brigade. Usually I only text the oldest sisters or brothers of each family and they forward my messages to their siblings.
2. Agree on a date, time and venue for your party. Sometimes this may take several exchanges of messages.
3. Discuss the theme and menu. As organizer I have to edit what everyone will bring. Yes, it is always a potluck for this clan. Note that you have to balance this well. (Some relatives really bring pots and pots of their assigned dish while some would only bring a pot. X( ) This is also done via SMS or texting. As food assignments/ pledges come in, I update and report to my cousins about it.
4. The day before the party, I send a text again reminding the cousins and family about the reunion. Of course I am always excited for every family reunion.
5. On the day of the reunion itself, I have my phone with me in case someone gets lost or can't make it.

Some tips:

1. Try not to assign main course dishes to forever late comers or kuripot members of your family.
2. Have at least one dish from each food group and kind of meat or seafood.
3. Assign at least two kinds of dessert.
4. If you are hosting the potluck in your house, you are supposed to prepare:
- rice
- drinks
- ice
- clean drinking water
- enough seating for everybody
- a clean powder room

See, easy!

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