The Bag of Feathers Story

When I was just starting this blog, I mentioned how hurt I was for being bad-mouthed by someone. After much investigation, I learned that this person really has a deep grudge on me and has even gone to the point of making up nasty rumors about me that even affects my family. It is easy to tell myself not to be bothered by it (some people are just bored) but it is hard to do. You know when a person becomes the topic of nasty rumors, even if the stories are not true - the person talked about is forever tarnished.

Let me share with you the parallelism of this situation with the bag of feathers story. I don't remember where I got this story from but you will agree it is indeed so true. You see, spreading lies about a person is like releasing a bag of feathers in the middle of a windy field. If you try to retrieve all those pieces of feathers that has been blown away by the winds, it is impossible. So all those lies said about the person are left out there. The person is never whole again. People will always look at him in a different negative way. Whatever good name the person has is somehow ruined forever.

So let us try to use the spoken word like it was sacred. No one wants to be in this situation that I am in. Believe me. It hurts but moreover it strikes an angry chord in my being. So, I am angry.....

Let us speak to build up, to uplift.......So if we see any lost feathers around, in our hearts and minds let's try to keep realities in check and see who is spreading the rumors. She may just be a bored housewife who disappointingly has no talent like JK Rowling and has resorted to ruin innocent people who just want to live their lives the best way they can- for the sake of their own family and children. She may just be the culprit in the bag of feathers story....

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