You Know It's Summer When...

In the Philippines, you know it's summer when:

1. All your air-conditioning (at home, office, car) seem to be broken.

2. Halo-halo ( a dessert of sweetened beans, fruits. milk and ice) is the food craving of the season.

3. Domestic airports are forever a-buzz with passengers. Everyone wants to be somewhere else. Flights are also usually delayed.

4. You cannot count how many times the phrase, "Ang Init!" (It's Hot!) is uttered in a day by almost everyone.

5. Family members are asking each other, what the temperature is anyway.

6. Somehow the ice-cream billboards (and we a have an over supply of billboards here) on the streets seem more attractive.

7. Anahaw (a local plant with big leaves) fans are being sold on the streets so are cold bottles of purified water.

8. Swimming lessons are on on every village pool.

9. Baguio, our summer capital is busier than ever.

10. You begin to realize how fat, thin, beer belly laden or whatever body defect you have after trying on your bathing suit.

Haay, summer na!....and I am so fat....

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