Clutter Chatter

Oh, boy! Oh, boy! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to de-clutter our house. It is already April and I am not even half- done and whatever little I have accomplished is back to being cluttered again.
My friend and aspiring interior designer, Tisha was here last night and I was so embarrassed by my sorting boxes and pairs of shoes on the stairway. Argh! Don't get me wrong though, our house is not that bad. Tisha even said our house is far more orderly than hers. Is that a compliment? Coming from someone who has had three babies in four years.- Naaah, I am so not flattered. Sorry, Tish! Even closed drawers scare me since I can already picture what are inside and that I need to sort them out. Every morning when I have to pick what I should wear and come across clothes I don't wear anymore, I cringe! Uh-oh, on second thought this may not be a clutter problem but a mental one. Ha, ha! My busy schedule does not help too.

I am moving on a nervous, frantic pace as I am leaving for a long trip with my family and I want to come home to a clean. organized house. Can I do it? Yes, I should! So help me, God!

(home in pic is a file photo of the home of Dr. Totoy Castrense in Palawan, Philippines)

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