The Clearing Out Chronicles 1

My home is a mess. I don't know where my things are. I don't know what we still have and what we don't have. The stair landing leading to our attic holds bags and boxes of stuff that we have edited and should be giving away. It does not help that I have a helper whose organizer skills is void of logic. Just last week, I was going crazy looking for airplane tickets for a trip to Cebu. I know I already placed the ticket on my desk and it was not there anymore. I don't want to call our helper anymore because that's all we do here; call her and ask for our stuff. But then i was leaving in a day and needed the ticket so I had to call her. Guess where she put it? She put it inside the envelope which holds the tickets of our recent US Trip. Who would have guessed ha?
Things need to change. for starters, our helpers (I am so lazy, we have three.) are not to keep our stuff anymore. If there is anything anywhere, just leave it there. The kids, hubby and me will keep the stuff ourselves. I think that will definitely help.
I am starting this weekend with our home office. I plan to eventually turn it into a mix-use with the addition of a twin bed. Yep, a guestroom. For now, I still have balikbayan boxes to deal with and tons of magazines. It is still a start.

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