The Clearing Out Chronicles 2

Whew! After a day or sorting, throwing out and cleaning, our home office is done. I don't know about what lurks behind the cabinet doors and drawers but it is a start.
I could not believe it when I realized half-way through the task that I felt a sense of deja vu. I won't call it an a-ha moment but more of an uh, oh, no moment. It dawned on me that I just de-cluttered the area two months ago. Thanks to my helper whom I wrote about in my previous blog, it was all a mess again. Sadly to her she was just doing her job, her own signature illogical organization. So now it is still early morning here as I write this, I can't wait to tell her that I want this room to remain this way with everything in the specific places I have assigned them to. My next stop are actually the cabinets and drawers.
For now I am happy and ready for the kids' first set of homework and equipped too for whatever they may need.
A number of things I've learned:
1. Stop buying magazines that you don't usually read. Stick to your favorites.
2. Organize your stuff yourself.
3. Have a day for paper shredding. mine is at the end of the month.
4. I have too many mini bauls. (small chests)
5. I need to fix all my files.

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