Coming Home

I had to go to my Alma Matter (high school) yesterday to buy rosaries for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. These are very special rosaries that marked the canonization of the founder of our school and blessed by Pope Benedict. I learned that the rosaries may be only be purchased through my good old friend and no less than the current president of the school, Sr G. I got a bit lost locating her office since a lot has changed around the campus. On my way there, I even caught a glimpse of a renovated chapel. I was excited. I used to hear mass in that chapel, even lead the singing while playing my guitar. Anyway, back to the rosaries, no other than Sr. G was whom I bumped into and she took me to her office. Only to find out that the rosaries were part of a thicker plot, to convince me to transfer my daughter, Yellow to this Red school. I will not mention my reservations which made me give up all my dreams of seeing my own daughter wear the best uniform in the whole wide world. This is the second time this dear old friend of mine has tried to convince me about this. This is the second time I have seen her in a year too. She went on to say that the school has beefed up academically and they are well into the arts too. One thing Yellow's school cannot give her are the Red school spirituality and values. I listened to her sales talk just as a friend would listen to a friend. Sr. G has got to be one of the people I love the most in this whole earth. But it was a lost cause I am sorry to say, yellow is very happy in her school and so are hubby and me. The values and spirituality part? Yellow's school does not lack. Plus, at home she has her Red mom.
Sr. G and I said our good-byes and I passed by the new chapel. I knelt down to pray and a feeling of peace almost overwhelmed me. I could not utter a prayer. In my head, I kept on saying, "I am home." . It was wonderful and I would not mind going back to that feeling whenever I can. I couldn't see my teen-aged self in the new chapel. I could just see myself now, 20 years from graduation, a wife a mother. But I was home. This is part of my life, this is me.
I don't know what God's plans are for Yellow but my Red school is God's design for me and coming back is like coming home.
Yellow's home is her yellow school for now. I have long before I accepted her destiny as that.

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