Charity Eats

my shrimp pasta order
     The week of August 13 to 20 was Charity Week for Tattler Magazine and Hands on Manila, Dine at any of the participating restaurants and 10% of your bill goes to Hands On Manila's outreach projects. My bestfriends C, M and P chose Sala Bistro in Greenbelt. I loved my shrimp pasta. Sorry I promise to write down what I eat next time.

P's Crab Cake Order. Yum!
     I was envious of C's burger though. It did not only look yummy, it was yummy.

     Oh and my daughter Yellow was with me and she ordered an over-priced mac and cheese.

     Oh well it is a good resto. I will definitely be back.  Even if their rest rooms made me claustrophobic. =) Yep, tiny with mirrors and a scary lock.

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