Blooms & Greens

     Doesn't the picture above look like a postcard? I love gerber daisies or gerbera. My mom who is a physician grows them  My parents own a small farm in Alfonso Cavite (Philippines). I have been going there there often lately since the family's farm house in undergoing a major renovation and of course I am at the helm.

     Having the time to actually look and appreciate my Mom's plants between fussing over the construction site is such a gift. I don't know about you but flowers never fail to make me smile. They are poetic positivity in themselves. So I leave you hopefully with smiles on your faces and some more photos from the farm.... and maybe a keener eye for more objects of poetic positivity. We all could use them and there is so much out there. We all know it.

                                                     Thank you, God for flowers.

Blooms & Greens
Barrio Taywanak
Alfonso Cavite

Manila Seedling Bank
South Supermarket Alabang
FTI Weekend Market
Lung Center Weekend Market

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