Ikea Day = Happy Day

Racks and racks of delicious Ikea stuff at Mobler
      I will not deny that I am an Ikea fan.
      When I was younger going to Ikea was one of the highlights of each Hong Kong trip. Since we usually stay in the Tsim Tsa Tsui area, the nearest Ikea store was the one in Prince Edward down Nathan Road. My Dad was my very patient or not so patient accomplice. We would take the cab. He would wait in the coffee shop while I browsed the entire store. Then came the big, crazy Ikea store in the States. It was pure excitement. But by then I already had kids in tow and once they get bored in the play area, that's it for Ikea shopping for the day for me.

     Here in Manila, there still is no full-blown Ikea store but the store Mobler sells a wide selection of their products. If I need my Ikea fix, I run to Mobler. They have two branches one in Makati and the other in Greenhills. Of course you can't expect the same prices as that of HK and the States BUT you don't have to worry about airline weight allotments here. 
I made my sister buy this rocker for her TV room.

This throw pillow cover is quintessentially Ikea. Love it!
HEDDA Cushion  Cover P350
Sorry, I just had to snap one of these!
Kram paper Napkin P220
I spy funky plastic handles!!!

Next time Mr. Lamp, I just might buy you.
   Recently I was there with my sister. I was looking for kitchen stuff for a project I was doing and of course we both ended up buying more than what we intended to. Oh well, follow your bliss ....and Ikea is one of them.

Mobler  Enterprises
Makati Branch
4977 Enrique St Palanan
San Juan Branch
Unit 9 Wilson Square Bldg
Wilson Street San Juan


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