From Davao To Me!

     The upside of having to go to a place over and over is that you go beyond the touristy thing and discover 'other' things about the place, things that usually only the locals know of.

     Davao is a fave city for many reasons, some of which I have mentioned in my older post. I feel that I can actually live here. I like how it not 'yet' a crowded city as metro 'cities' tend to be. The people are friendly and seem like happy, content people. My visits to Davao have always been relaxing, even if I have to work most of the time. In Davao, you can actually take your time.

     When most Davao visitors will take home, crates of pomelo, durian or other fruits, I get excited about two things. Alman's Pastries Brownies and coffee beans from Blugre.

     Alman's Brownies are not the gourmet, rich, 'profound' brownies but if you are like me with a simple and Pinoy palette for food, you will like this. It has just the right amount of sweetness and just enough density but it is good and so, so ,so addicting.

     They say, Blugre is the reason Starbucks has not invaded Davao. I think I know the reason why. Their coffee is one, if not the best I have had in this country. No joke! In fact I love it so much that during one trip I bought beans from their SM branch and had to buy a grinder in Manila just for me and my husband to enjoy it.

     So if you know anyone hopping to Davao or if you, yourself are try my two pasalubong suggestions.

     Now, for my coffee and brownie snack.....

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gilberto baguio said...

Magkano yung isang box? Ansarap naman! pitures pa lang