Keep A Breast: Re-thinking Breast cancer Awareness

A cute baller band to promote breast cancer awareness. This one reads 'Check Your Self'

     In Filipino, we have an endearing word for a childhood friend, it is 'kababata'.  I consider my friends from way back grade school years to be my 'kababatas'.

     I recently found out that one of them has breast cancer and sadly is at stage 4. I remember her to be always giggly with a big hearty laugh even. She is not married but has an older brother. Some friends went to visit her at home as she had already been 'sent home' by her doctors. It is so sad. How fragile and short life is.

     This made me think are we really thinking of breast cancer enough? Are we really aware of what we should do? At my age. a mammogram must be a yearly thing. But am guilty of not having one myself yet. There is so much information out there about breast cancer.  As women, we need to grab it and take action. Love ourselves and love our loved ones even more.

I Heart Boobies says this one. =-)

     I am praying for you Eileen.
    I still have that big smiling face of yours in my heart.

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