Enjoy the Stopover

     My husband and I were heading home the other day but the traffic was just so bad. It had been a long day for me after habing gone to my Tagaytay job site in the morning and design school in the afternoon. I couldn't wait to get home, see my kids and lie down on my bed.

     As we inched through the jam, we thought of giving up for while and take a break. We ended up In Kopi Roti. The moment we sat down and our simple order of coffee and chocolate kopi bun was served, it felt really good. We were thankful for the break from the heavy traffic. We chatted and enjoyed the moment.

     Sometimes. we all are in such a hurry to get to our destination, we forget that we CAN take breaks. It is not enough that we stop, we have to afford ourselves the chance to enjoy it. So be it the long 16-hour flight to the States, a ton of work or a simple long ride home,  take a stopover and enjoy it.

     We did not even finish our coffee though it was wonderful and we got back in our car for home. What do you know, the traffic from thereon was smooth and easy and we were home in 20 minutes! =-)

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