There's Always Something to Smile About

     I am proud to be a Filipino. (That sounds like a song.) But the recent hostage crisis in Manila involving seven HK nationals' lives made me feel otherwise, at least for a few hours. My friends and I had breakfast together the other day and we all admitted feeling so small at the time the whole stand-off was happening.

    Of course life goes on and in as much as I continuously pray and feel sorry for the victims, what else can I do?  Or what else can anyone do? The very next day after that fateful Monday, we were all back at work or school and went about our regular schedules.....And one thing I love about our people is our resiliency.  Inspite and despite difficulties, we stand up and stay strong.

    In our country there is always something to smile about. I saw this bus along E. Rodriguez Ave. in Libis a few days ago. The name of the transport line made me smile. Only a Filipino will name a transport line Dimple Star and what's with the GelBoy on the bottom? =-) Filipinos will smile at this for various reason. Perhaps because for its sheer tackiness? Ang baduy 'no?

     And there are even funnier everyday snippets everywhere. So you see, everyday I am still proud to be Filipino and one thing that will always make me proud is the gift of laughter we all share.....and our unique, crazy sense of humor.


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