So Pretty and Earthy

      This is my fave store in Boracay!

     I love it for two simple reasons ( as the title of this entry implies) they make pretty things that are also earth-friendly. Almost everything is recycled! When I was told by the store girly about this, I got excited and started asking what the items were made of.

Earrings from Bottle caps or tansan! Yep, tansan!
Key chains made from broken glass
Earrings from scrap snake skin
Earrings from recycled electric wires.
Cute bangles

Ehem!! Looks like my size! 
Love the simple but cute hat and headbands too!

Shirts with earthy shout-outs
But it is the chandelier that I love the best....
Look closely at what it is made of......
I hope more and more business people will think more of Mother Earth. Besides we are part of ONE global community and one address which is our beloved planet.

     Before I forget, must stuff an earth bag in my bag today....

Piece of Green 
D'Mall Boracay Island


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