Mommy Big Bag

     I was never the glam type of girl. I don't have the patience to fuss over my hair, my clothes, nails or whatever. I've pretty much grown content with my plain Jane existence which seemed to have worsened when I became a mom.

     All of a sudden every one's world revolves because of me. The minute any one walks into our front door I hear a," Where's mom?" This makes me guilty considering the first thing I say when coming through our front door at the end of the day is, "Sammy Sonny!!!!" - my dog. Okay so you can say still with much reluctance and at times an irritated grimace I'm MOM. Some things about this are easier to embrace than others. But one thing I have accepted wholeheartedly is that when we travel as a family , I bring the big bag. Within the course of the day, someone will hand me a water bottle, his sunglasses, her cap,  his half-eaten sandwich. I cannot be on a vacation and get all grumpy about all of it. So I bring the BIG BAG! I have grown to love it though, it has become my own symbol of 'Okay, I'm ready for you, guys!"

     With aching shoulders, bring it on!!!

(During a recent trip to Boracay I proudly tugged along this cute fabric bag by Fab Manila. Check their website for other great finds in time for Christmas shopping.)

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