Wrapper's Delight

     Christmas is only six days away. I have not gone to a single mall or bazaar to go shopping much more buy wrapping paper. The past weeks have been crazy for me. Work, school and my family are as if battling for supremacy in the arena that is my crazy life. But these are good times. I cannot complain. Life has never been so full, so enriching and fulfilling. With God's help, everything works out miraculously.

          The number of our holiday parties have dwindled down and yet you'd be surprised as I am that I have not lagged behind in gift giving. Say what? Thanks to on-line shopping, a scent-sational friend. a niece who is a wonderful baker and an over-stock of wrapping paper, shameless hoarding of little things other people call trash - I have been a jolly gift giver; breathless and panting but jolly nonetheless.

      It is truly a wonder what you can do when you try to 'make do' with what you have. 

Inside is my gift for dear friend, Clarissa, Old wrapping paper (I used the wrong side thus the white color. yarn, fabric scraps, index card and left-over wrapping tissue from ages ago.
     I bet you can guess what the rest of these are made of.

     So, it's a wrap! Enjoy the rest of the holidays!!!

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