Go Into the Mountains

     For the first time in quite a while, we actually did not have any big plans after Christmas and before New Year's. NO AGENDA!!!! So I booked us two nights in Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay to enjoy some much-deserved and needed R&R.

We usually stay in the suites right below this park. The domes are actually skylights that streams through the halls. At night this is what you will see from below.
Pretty isn't it? I hate the floor tiles but hey this Start Wars fan is happy enough with the uh - special effects. Now where is my ensyamada-ish hair piece. 

But the next picture is what everyone goes to Tagaytay for, beautiful Taal Volcano.

     My small family share great memories here. We've (instead of having parties) celebrated some of my kids' birthdays here. It is not the best hotel in Tagaytay but I buy it for the icon that it is. Until when will depend on how Fuego or SM will maintain it in the coming years. But am seeing touches already of SM-ish way of doing things though still bearable....

Guess who checked in with us?

It's Samson! Yep, our dog Samson's twin monkey. Haha!

After settling in our room (daughter Yellow is our OC room maid) and a long nap, the nippy Tagayaty weather started to set an alarm on my knees. (Rayuma???) BUT I had a brighter idea - BACHOY!!! We braved the traffic and headed out for Antonio's Grill. Yums!



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