Oh, Antonio's! My Antonio's

  I have not eaten in Antonio's in Tagaytay in ages. The moment I stepped in a lot of changes welcomes us. First of all gone are the woody, rustic interiors. Antonio's has joined the very now colors of black and white.I do not know but to me it looks like a mix of country and baroque. I like it!

I spy my obsession, machukka tiles also in black and white.
Look who tried and succeeded in ruin my flooring shot.
Love the high ceiling- ed in some areas.
Orders could take a while good thing Blue is ready to wait.
Their dalandan (a green citrus fruit like an orange) juice is my fave so refreshing. I can drink jugs of it.
Look who poured too much and had to......hahah!

The kids both ordered Antonio's Burgers. Yummy!!!!

Tagliatelle in Truffle Cream Sauce

Mixed Seafood Tagliatelle in Olive Oil and Garlic
Lemon Panna Cotta was divine! I could eat three but no, we all shared one.

 What is with Tagaytay restaurants and their thing for 'exhibitionist-ish toilets? I know, I know they are planned in such a way that you really can't be seen. But, but...I just can't get used to it.
We still love you, Antonio's. We shall definitely be back! How about next weekend?


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