Pit Stop Whimsy

    Work takes me south of Manila a lot. Road trips are always a good break for me since any moving vehicle beats any sleeping pill. Road trips though also mean that somewhere along the way you have to make a pit stop. I am not easy to please when it comes to things like this. Then came Ming's Garden. The name sounds like a Chinese restaurant I know but the name speaks of simply what it is. It is owned by Ming Ramos, former First Lady of the Philippines to my fave president of all time Fidel V. Ramos. She is a plant enthusiast like my Mom and she has this beautiful garden in Silang. Cavite. Mom sometimes buys plants from her and that is how I discovered what for me is the best kept secret of Ming's Garden. Tada!!!!

I feel like I am in the Disneyland of Washrooms.

With everything you need.

A skylight opens  to a rock garden within the room.
     .... on to my journey, away!!!

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