Ming's Passion

     This is a follow-up entry of the previous one. A friend I could not refuse was looking for photos of the 'actual' garden of our beloved former First Lady Ming Ramos. So the very next time I had the chance to drop by Ming's Garden again, I was actually thinking of her. =-) Hi, Rics!
      Yesterday was a Saturday and my Mom and I were on our way to our farm. Lately, we have been obsessing about vines. For our renovated farm house, we have constructed trellises to serve as sun screens for the part of the house that is facing west. At first we wanted to put Jade Vines on them which I find so pretty.
Taken at Eden in Davao

    But when we saw the Passion Vines at Ming's Garden, we fell in love again.

      The Passion Vine is from Switzerland. It grows more industriously than the Jade Vine and has a wonderful scent. Okay, give us a dozen of those. Only P 250 for each! I can't wait!

This is its baby bud version.

.....and here are more pics...

There is a resto too that boasts of a good halo-halo which I have not tried. They also host wedding parties and other functions here.

 I discover something special every time I visit Ming's Garden. =-)

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1784 said...

Hi Arlene, this is Alex P. I didn't know you have a blog! I thoroughly enjoy everything, especially this gardening post. And did I read right that you have a farm, where?