Manikako: My Doll

     I have a pathetic and sad history with doll making. Way back when my kids were smaller and I was a Waldorf mom, I tried and made a 4 inch doll. Doll making is a big part of Waldorf parenting. I thought what I did was hideous but my kids loved it like crazy. I am a firm believer that there is a certain magic that doll making has.

     Manikako's advocacy is to teach this, call it art, skill or hobby to children/ girls of less privileged backgrounds as a tool for healing and empowerment.  Manikako accepts donations of old clothes, bedding which they use to make the kits. I really love and believe in what they are doing. My daughter and I gave out doll kits to our girl friends for Christmas last year and everyone just loved them, even her school teachers. I know of some who worked on their dolls right away. Some dolls became princesses, a nurse, a nun... Again... magic!

These are sample kits. They include the doll, a few pieces of cloth, felt, yarn , needles and a set of threads

After several attempts; I tried .to sew a mermaid and a rag doll, I gave up. Needlework hates me. Two weeks ago I had to work and leave my then sick son at home, I made him this as his Mommy-Is-Sick-That- She-Is-Leaving-Too doll.  See all I needed was inspiration.

Isn't she pitiful? Oh, well Blue loved it.

     Yellow made him one too so we left him with two new friends.

     Manikako is one of my favorite advocacy. Look them up and see what you can do. 

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