Running 'Round in Cerchio

     Cerchio in Italian means circle. This restaurant and lounge has been named such. Upon looking at its glass facade, you will know they are talking circles literally in terms of this restaurant's interiors. Designed by popular interior designer, Ivy Almario, as expected the restaurant is a feast for both the tummy and also for any discriminating eye.

     Take a look at these interesting circles that adorn its front window. They are actually PVC pipes. =-)The restaurant screams mid-century modern. The structure itself used to be an old apartment.

 ...and the circles are taken further into the interiors.

     H and I were there on a weekday and there was a good crowd of office people. We shared garlic chicken pasta, grilled shrimp and pomelo salad and a mango float. Yums! They were all good. I'm loving this place.

     We had coffee with the mango float and their coffee was good.=-)

     All prepared in this beautiful open kitchen.

     But there is a down side. I do not like the restrooms. I love how it is done but I was notliking the layout. Male and female cubicles share one common sink area. Yep and there is no lock on the restroom door.  So it is not unlikely that you could bump into the guy on the next table. I am definitely NOT letting my kids go to the restroom unaccompanied, not in this restaurant. I do hope they do something about to avoid any...accidents?

     Here are other pics. I am definitely going back.

Check it out!



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Rachelle said...

I love this resto—as Gwyn and Jippi say, it's good design on a budget! (admitin, PVC pipes ang mga circular screens!)