First Valentine

     Yellow got her first ever Valentine today. Don't need to worry, yes, she is only 11 and the Valentine came from none other than H. At least Yellow can say someday that her dad was her first Valentine, as all Daddy's girls are meant to. No, not three red roses and more so not a dozen but look ye here.

     It's a puppy made of white carnations. I so love our very own Rustans Flower Shop for offering this design. After all Valentine's Day is not just for couples but all shapes and kinds of relationships. Of course H did not forget me.

     I love it that I have a new glass flower vase too. =-)

     This is how they were delivered and a day early.

     It makes me think of the other forms of luv that we may take for granted like maybe our parents, siblings, our dog, nephews, etc.  I believe everyone is aching for some Valentine on Valentine's Day.

     Tomorrow I take my mom out for lunch.....HVD, everyone and to all my beloved readers! 

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