Johnny Rockets Zooms

     I don't know exactly how long Johnny Rockets has been in Manila. But today was our first time to eat there. I met up with H and Blue in Eastwood Mall for lunch and when I asked Blue where he wanted to eat he said, Johnny Rockets. So off we go...

     The place was screaming 1950's diner but not overdone. Of course H had to say, "Ay, parang Sam's Diner" ( A resto of a similar concept which was popular back in the 80's in Quezon City) I just had to shush him as I did not want it emphasized that we were 80's peeps. (as if it's not obvious)

     I liked its easy ambiance.
     First up to play some music and H had to go for Saturday Night fever. I love it though but not in public. Har!

     The waiters and waitresses were uber friendly. Ours was Sweet for the day. We liked her.

     The food was very okay and you know it is well-prepared. H and I shied away from the burgers since we a trying to live healthy. =< We shared a grilled chicken sandwich and salad combo which I liked a lot.

     Blue ordered chicken tenders that go with eat-all-you-can fries and a vanilla milk shake. 

    We had a good meal. You somehow feel that the place was set-up with you in mind and not some fancy concept or cuisine.

     The staff even danced for us. No, they didn't look forced to do so. just having fun here.

     The whole time I was there I kept on thinking yellow will like it here. My dad will like it here......

We definitely like it there. =-)


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