Que Sera, Sera

     As my children get older, I am simply amused at how little bits of me or H or their grandparents or their aunts and uncles have made its way in their DNA. Aside from looks, personality traits, mannerisms and habits, even a tendency to take on a profession or hobby can be handed down.

     Just this year, Yellow has turned the furniture pieces around in her room twice already. I, myself used to love to do this as a little girl. I remember scanning my Mom's or grandmother's Metropolitan Home magazines or Architectural Digest and try to re-create what I see in our home. I am impressed by her last two re-arrangements and I just want to share them. 
     I am not one to got for built-ins especially for children's rooms which are to take on numerous changes through the years. 

     Yellow is lucky she has a flexible space and pieces to work with. For this one, she even measured her two book shelves to make sure they fit in the corner near her bed. 

This, she said is her reading corner. I need to get her a rug though to complete it.
I like the way she angled her desk (it is so me! haha!) which she will outgrow soon.
     I am proud of her. I just hope though she does not get to be too obsessive about organizing like me...but I think that's the only direction she will be going to. Poor girl. -=)

Whatever happens I just want her to be happy.


Tisha said...

Oh, she fixed it again?!

Archimom7 said...

yes, she did. =-)