Going to the Chapel

     Today is Ash Wednesday and for Catholics like me it is the beginning of the Lenten Season. Here in the Philippines old Catholic practices for this season are quite observed even if Vatican has already altered several. A lot of us still abstain from meat on Fridays and fast. Recently kids, up to a certain age became exempt from some practices.

     For my family the end of Lent has always been a big deal. When we were younger my paternal grandmother who we call Lola Pacing would hold a 'Pabasa' during Holy Week. A 'Pabasa' from the Tagalog root word ' basa' meaning read is literally reading by way of chants the entire passion of Christ. My cousins and I will never forget those times. There was usually lots of food, people and staying the night at whoever's house the 'Pabasa' is held. It was actually fun.=-)

     Fast forward to present day, none of us picked up the art of doing the 'Pabasa'. My parents though in a way to continue my Grandmother's/ Lola's tradition hold a Way of the Cross/ Mini Recollection every Good Friday at their farm south of Manila. Same thing; lots of food and people. LOL! Fr. Redentor Corpuz, a very close family friend and my godfather of the Archdiocese of Cavite conducts the whole thing every year.
Fr. Reddy Corpuz

     This year will be no different except we have made improvements on the chapel. I decided to go semi-industrial (because it is cheap) in a way. I did away with the ceiling, exposing the bottom side of the roof and rafters. The weathered tiles were also replaced by poured concrete speckled with machuka tiles of different designs. All exterior walls were torn down. There is no altar but the cross hangs a bit off-center from the ceiling. The benches circle this point. That is our altar - the cross.

Look, ma no altar!

    From now until Easter, I pray for silence, to listen to the motions of the season as it leads to the Lord's greatest sacrifice. I pray for an open heart to receive again and again the giftedness of his love poured on us especially during this time....as He continuously leads us to the chapel of His heart.

....and this year's journey begins.....

..a meaningful Lent to all!

 Friends and family are most welcome to join us for the Way of the Cross come Good Friday.. Drop me a line if you are free.

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