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Blooms & Greens Plant Kiosk South Supermarket Alabang

     At least once a week, H, who usually tags along, and I head to South Supermarket in Alabang. (Alabang is around 40 minutes South of Manila.) to check on my Mom's small plant store there. We are usually early having come from dropping off the kids in school. I look forward to this for several reasons. If I have to do my groceries, South Supermarket in Alabang is for me  the best supermarket in Manila. The reason primarily is since we are there early, there is no crowd. I hate crowds. This is besides the fact that it is huge, stocks are almost always complete and it is bright and clean. Okay, enough of sucking up to its owners. (whoever the are)

     BUT before I do my groceries and spend more than what our plants store earns here, (haha!) H, and I relish a little 'we' time which starts with ...coffee! While all is quiet in the whole supermarket building people at the French Baker, a resto/ bakery shop are are already busy and open to serve early shoppers. They serve good coffee, if you ask me. It also comes with a free sweet treat. Hmm....it was brownies this time but I prefer the vanilla cookie. I usually throw in an extra order of their ube hopia =-) BUT it's a new year so no. (muna)

     We have our coffee, the paper and a cozy magazine stand to browse through and always end up buying from, our weekly reading stash.... 

     Before we know it the supermarket is open, our storekeeper is here and it is time to get going.

     There are so many instances in our every day that we need to wait. Why? Because there is nothing we can do about it. For my weekly trips to Alabang H and I have found (though I am sure I am the only one aware of it. talking yes, he is dense) ways to enjoy the wait.

      Do you have a few minutes to spare? Or are you waiting or praying for something that just won't happen yet? Grab the time, wait and enjoy it...

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