Oh, Christmas Tree, Green Christmas Tree

     For my family the holidays end on the 6th of January which used to be the Feast of the Three Kings and is my mom's birthday. After tomorrow, we will be keeping and cleaning the holiday decors till next year.

     As part of the Christmas celebration we had a Christmas Tree Making Contest at work. (When I am not a struggling architect, I do building administration work for an industrial clinic.) The employees' creativity was something else. Rule was to use all recycled materials. We saw plastic, cups, medicine packaging, bottles. etc. They also had to do all the work while clinic operations were at its busiest month. I helped judged the activity and it was fun and difficult at the same time. 
From the people in the X-Ray, Ophta/ Audio Departments (3rd Floor)
From our doctors and nurses from the PE Department
From our clerks and accountants from the Admin Department
From the reception/ info people

     The following were the big winners.

For 3rd Place

They used recycled plastic cup.

From the Psychology and Dental departments
Pretty starts from recycled paper.

2nd Place

     The Records and Releasing Departments made it to 2nd. I love this tree. Look at the Gerber baby food bottles.

This tree reminds me of the old foil Christmas trees of yore.

First Place 

But the laboratory departments wowed us all with their tree made of syringes.


.....and to all a good night.....

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