Why I Love Living Where I Live


     I love living where i live. I grew up in an old neighborhood in Manila that has gotten way too crowded through the years. As much as I loved growing up there and having enjoyed the happiest traditional Filipino childhood, I am happy too with my new home city. It is not as busy and the traffic is not as bad as Manila or Makati. In most areas the development is still pretty horizontal. I believe it is very laid-back compared to its neighboring cities.

     H and I moved here after we were married. H was a Quezon City dweller since he moved to Manila for college.  A few nights ago, H, Yellow, Blue and I:

  • Had A Yummy Burger Dinner 
     During our last Tagaytay trip, we discovered Army Navy Burger and we were thrilled to know there is one branch near us.

A promising mission statement Yes!

Yumminess comes with a higher price than McDo or Jollibee of course.
The team awaits for demolition.
Ahhh...come to mama!!!!
Blue ordered a vanilla milkshake oddly served in a coffee take-out mug. Guess they ran out.
  • Discovered a delicious dessert place.
 Wow! I did not even know this has been there six years. Where were we?

Fleur De Lys was just beside Army Navy in Mother Ignacia Avenue. We just moved next door.

I got these dark chocolate Florentines. Good with coffee or tea.

Had to say no to this, ouch!!!!
Brought home a slice of this cake called The Best Kept C - way too good that I hate it! haha!

Their carrot cake was yummy too.

Love their packaging

Team Demolition still in high spirits.

We heart this place!
  • Made a last minute trip to bookstore before it closed.

    All these...



    go through monster traffic

    ...just a simple, relaxed time with the family. =-)

       (I live in Quezon City, part of the capital province of the Philippines)

    Army Navy Burger

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