May the Kingdom Club

      While on our Hong Kong Disneyland vacation a few weeks ago, no, we didn't get a fast pass at the park. What we got is even better, access to the Kingdom Club Lounge at the  Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel where we were staying.
More private room with a flat screen
     It serves only breakfast and cocktails but the rest of the day there are snacks and treats for everyone.
      This was a typical morning at the lounge.
yes, there's yummy Chinese breakfast and xiao long pao! my favorite, next to crispy pata

      After cocktails there is story telling and crafts for the kids....

...and milk, cookies and what? candies?
    As if it's not enough to get the kids and grownups excited, guess who tip-toes in in his pj's to say goodnight....?
    I guess we're off to dreamland.......Night, Mickey!

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