For A Good Cause

     I am a disabled person.

     I was wearing thick glasses at age 5. I had to always sit at the front row of any classroom. I can't recognize people until they are two to three feet away from me. If I lived in the States, my eye doctor said that I would be considered legally blind. But I managed. I coped. I finished school and I am now an architect, blessed  with a family of my own.

     I did not do it alone. I had supportive (sometimes over protective) parents, two loving grandmothers and wonderful aunts, uncles and cousins. In school I always had very considerate teachers, friends who were more than willing to dictate a whole lecture from the blackboard to me . (Caroline,  Leah, Perti, Ritzie, Aileen, Paul, Roselle, Raffy)

     Right now my own kids have yet to understand the extent of my disability at the same time know that I wish to be treated like I have always been - normal. I came across this beautiful video produced for a similar advocacy. It reminded me that even as people with disabilities try their hardest to live a normal lives, sometimes they could still need a little hand and understanding.

    Let us not miss these opportunities.

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