A Label Suit

     One morning I was horrified to open my chest of drawers and see these.
     In the Philippines, we are lucky or are we unlucky to still have house help. The pics above were the work of one of mine. Sometimes we fondly call them house angels. She was not very angelic-looking to me that particular morning so I decided to put matters in my own hands. I need to label these drawers but I refuse to stick labels on this lovely piece of furniture. Then beneath one pile of pillowcases, I saw a stash of old packaging for undergarments. I do not throw them away as they are plastic and I do not know where they will go if I do but hey, lookee here:

(The labels are in Filipino for house angels to understand it better)

     So far my chest of drawers have been er ...behaved and looks like it is working......for now.

These are all you need. =-) Zip lock bags will do too.

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